Polly spent 25 years working for famous advertising agencies. She peddled all kinds of stuff - baby diapers, panty liners, body lotions, cars, posh dish sponges (yes, they exist), milkshakes, mobile phones, fancy chocolate, pimple cream, denture glue and cat food, not to mention the rest. In Adland, she kept quiet about her interest in psychic matters, mediumship and past lives. For an industry that prides itself on lateral thinking, that was a teensy bit too far, 'out of the box'. Best to keep schtum. 


Plodding along, she found it increasingly impossible tallying her working life, flogging what amounted to landfill, with what really interested and motivated her.


Simultaneously, her passion for writing was growing.  But what to write?


Like many, she felt you shouldn't really write about something unless you were brilliant at it. You had to be top of the class or a professional. As such, she was waiting for a big success, the huge story or a massive achievement to put pen to paper. But then it hit her. It's OK to be average. 


It's OK to be average at something and it's even more OK to talk about being average because that's where so much ambition and struggle, hope, effort and elusive reward, reside for so many of us when we try things. 


So she jacked in Adland to write, starting with one of her massive life averages. Learning to be a medium. And obviously the inspiration for the name, "The Average Medium".


She'll get onto other subjects too - from Everest to anorexia, from depression to Court Rooms - all of them experienced, but never quite to the summit. But that's OK. It's OK to be just average.


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