"There are a number of important things to know when dealing with past-life traumas:


  • I call the general theory of karma, ‘debits and credits’ from the things that we have unfortunately all done in other lives that have to be balanced out at some time or other. This we choose to do when the time is right.


  • Whenever there is trauma from a past (or the present) life we have not yet faced and dealt with, it is locked into your body waiting for the right time to be released and dealt with.


  • When the time is right to deal with the trauma (our Higher Self knows ‘when’ – and this right time is often when the right help is available), we experience the emotions connected with that memory, and often certain physical symptoms that went with it. It is, of course, these emotions and physical symptoms which make us really look and try to find out what the real cause of the problem is.

  • We experience the same feelings that we had at the time of the past life.


If someone treated us badly ‘then’ we feel treated badly ‘now’. If someone murdered us ‘then’ we feel the same fear ‘now’.


If we died a certain way ‘then’ we can experience the same emotions and physical pain at the time of death ‘now’.


If someone left us to die on a battlefield ‘then’ we feel the same feelings of rejection and despair ‘now’.


If we hated ourselves for some reason ‘then’ we can ‘hate’ ourselves now.


If we were angry with someone, we can feel those same feelings ‘now’.


If we were jealous of someone in a previous life, we can feel irrationally jealous of them ‘now’.


These deep and often negative feelings overlay the present life, making us feel and act apparently very irrationally.

  • They can also be very alarming and strange. You might feel you’re drowning in your bed or as terrified as if you were about to be hanged. It’s only because a memory from a traumatic life is overlaying itself onto your present life. No wonder it feels weird at times. 

  • The emotions can be triggered by someone in this life who harmed you in a previous life, so those emotions may only be experienced in relation to that person in this life. For example, you may be irrationally angry around only that person. Equally well, you may trigger in another person their feelings about you. They may act apparently irrationally towards only you in this life.


  • Of course, this can also mean very positive feelings are triggered. If you were married to someone in a former life and it was a happy marriage you may feel similar feelings in this life, again irrationally. Great friends seem to have had good lives together in the past.

  • Very often the emotions we experienced at the time of death are the emotions that wash over us in this present life, as these are extremely powerful emotions. The kind of emotions will range from terror to despair, to hopelessness, to revenge, right through to physical sensations like burning, drowning, bleeding out, or wooziness like drifting in and out of consciousness, choking, being stabbed or beaten.


  • You may have physical birthmarks that relate to a previous life or an unexplained and new pain on your body that doesn’t respond to medical treatment.


  • Often the time of death will replay in the present day, so if you died from poisoning at 3 am you may repeatedly wake up at 3 am.

  •  Often the past life memory comes on very suddenly. One day you’re fine with someone but the next day you can’t stand the sight of them. For whatever reason,   the life has been triggered. It might be something they’ve said or done. It could be a look they gave you, the way they ate their apple or just a smell that reminded your subconscious of a past life. Or it may just be the right moment.

  • As it is a memory from a different time, it can lead you to act completely out of character, to the point that you don’t feel yourself and barely recognize your thoughts and behaviours.

  • It must be fully realised that these past lives are causing the problems we experience now. It is from these lives, when still buried in the subconscious, that so many of our fears, hates and so on emanate. Once they are brought into consciousness the rational mind can deal with them and you can let them go. Whilst they are still caught up in the emotional level of our being they are totally cut off from any logical reasoning mind. Then no amount of reasoning helps us to eliminate them. All these changes once these unhappy memories are made conscious. We can then deal with them in a rational manner.


  • All our relationships with others stem from previous experiences, especially those of parents to children (the first karmic pattern into which we enter at birth – and which we have ourselves chosen before reincarnating). 

  • Often the trauma happened a very long time ago.  Usually, a lot has happened to all who were involved between then and now – i.e. everyone concerned has evolved.


  • It is not necessary, or even desirable often, to tell the past life information to the other people who were involved. As long as one person involved faces the trauma, forgives and lets it go, it will gradually unravel/lift from the others who were involved too. The other person may not be conscious of it lifting but with all these patterns being made known to you, it will influence others. This is on account of the fact that there is no separation between any of us. The reason for this is that although we are all individuals, seemingly separate, we are all part of the one power – good or bad we all share some measure of that power together inseparably. So as you become aware of these things at some level it will connect with others and impact them too. 

  • Some of the other people involved in the past life trauma may not either have the need (they may have already dealt with any karma involved in full), or be ready, or able to hear the information and deal with it in a conscious positive way.

  • Every person is different. Often there is instantaneous healing and peace. Sometimes it can feel as though a huge cloud lifts right off almost immediately on receiving the information. But sometimes it takes quite a long time. But we are always told that ‘time’ has no meaning whatever. It doesn’t matter in the least whether it takes you one hour, or one week or one year or longer. All that matters is that you let it all go in due course, that you accept these lives from the past as lives that can no longer hurt you.


  • But because we now understand that this IS the cause of present problems these too can be released and we can now be assured that by dint of this understanding they will never ever happen again. The dark pattern of the past is broken once and for all time. 

  • We have all done dreadful things in the past – all of us. As a result, one learns to become totally non-judgemental.


Most of us will have dabbled in witchcraft.


Most of us will have murdered someone.


Nearly all of us will have betrayed someone.

  • Forgiving oneself is often much harder than forgiving others for misdeeds they have done to us – but it is vitally important to forgive ourselves too, and replace it with love. There is only one true healer – (though many are its manifestations) and that is LOVE. To learn to love yourself – first of all.  How can you love others if you do not love yourself? 

  • Everyone must work out their karmic patterns. If you don’t do it, the whole thing is pointless. Being given past life information is not a means to side-step the emotional hard work. But by the time the past life information on a particular subject is given to you, you can be sure you have paid in full for whatever misdeed you may have done (until that is so the information always seems to be withheld); so with the karma over you are being given the information so that you can let the trauma lift and transform back into pure energy again (for you to use positively). 


  • Remember too that we are only given the understanding of these past lives SO THAT WE CAN LET THEM GO. Not so that we feel guilty about what happened. It all has to be comprehended, assimilated, understood and worked through. This takes TIME – and unless you just let it all flow through you and let it go in YOUR OWN GOOD TIME there is no point in it. By looking a life rationally it is possible to let it go and see the virtues in someone. Those virtues have always been there but the past life memory has clouded them.


  • Once you’ve dealt with one issue from one life, a new issue from a different life can rear up, sometimes almost immediately, for clearing. To that end, just being given one life may not fulfil all the healing that needs to be done.


  • Difficulties between people can be traced back through multiple lives you’ve had together. So you may have treated your present mother badly in one life. But before that, she treated you badly. And before that, you treated her badly, and so on. You need to track back to the source life to be able to understand the dynamic in this life and clear it.

  • Yes, families can and do travel together through many lifetimes, switching roles as they go.

  • The final transformation back to pure energy and full health, although the norm, has its exceptions in the terminally and mortally ill.  In these cases, when the information is given, though their karma has been played out, their Higher Selves have chosen to live out that illness.

  • In addition to the karmic patterns of ‘debit-credit’ of the past, we also become involved in many RECURRING patterns of existence. When this happens we become involved over and over again in similar patterns (for example one gets the kind of person who is always, ‘the victim’, always ‘the slave’ or the like). This is slightly different to karma.

  • Recurring patterns occur because at some time in the past we have experienced some sort of tragically negative life and have died in this negative state of mind – probably very tragically – and it is the state of mind in which we actually die that can cause such negative effects in later lives. This is because the memory of this death (and the circumstances which lead up to the death) become entrapped in this emotional plane of being – what is called the astral plane which is the vehicle of all our emotions. Once entrapped there that negative memory will cause us to keep on re-experiencing similar patterns as that which caused the original life-death.


  • This is because we draw to us that which is in our emotions (which is why it is so important to think positively – “As you believe in your heart so shall it be unto you”). The more lives in which we act out this pattern the stronger it becomes. We can really only break these negative patterns by understanding the cause and thus eliminating the unhappy negative emotions from our being once and for all time.


  • When it comes to suicide, unfortunately, it means that in some later life (and we decide when we will do this) we have to again face some similar circumstances to those which lead us to the state of mind whereby we decided to take our own life. We may even act out the similar circumstances from a previous life in this life." 


So, why do I, Polly, labour all this?


  1. The first is that as mediums we sometimes pick up past lives. Therefore, we also have to learn how to recognize that information as coming from a past life rather than a dead person.

  2. Secondly, from my own point of view, I’ve had past lives where I’ve been what was called a ‘seer’ and I’ve been mortally persecuted for it including being ganged up on, chased out of my home, beaten, burned and stoned. The physical pain and emotional fear caused by being a natural ‘seer’ in past lives have also contributed to me keeping tight-lipped about the subject in this life.  Until now.

  3. Thirdly and as I've already said, if it hadn’t been for Mitzi and what she did for me I don't think I'd be alive today. 

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