When I first heard about an upcoming weekend

with, “The Spirit Doctors”, I admit, I raised my sceptical inner eyebrow. Even for me, someone who’s plunged head first in to all manner of alternative pursuits, this felt a teensy bit, ‘Are you there, Major Tom?’


But, as with so many things we're quick to judge, it was simply because I hadn’t experienced it - or rather, them - for myself.


That all changed. Not only did I sign up for the weekend, I can report back that it was a life-changing experience. I came away completely free of physical pain, amongst other remarkable and positive outcomes.


The two-day event was billed as, “Transformational Tools for These Times”, and was to be led by a truly lovely husband and wife team, Susan Gash and Sven Carlson click here.


The blurb began with, “Everything is energy.” Tick. Yup. Agreed.


It continued with how understanding how to work with energy can clear negative patterns and obstacles and even replace them with positive conditions for healthy growth. Tick. Tick. I hear you.


This all chimed loud and clear, with my increasing interest in energy, notably how subtle it is. Sure, for years I'd been whirring up the chakras at medium school but a deeper respect for energy had only recently snuck up on me.


The more I'd been paying really close attention to energy the more fascinated I'd become.


Only days previously, I'd sensed someone's negative energy about me. I don't mean this theoretically, as in, "I bet they're bitching about me behind my back." I could actually feel and even see, a large, black field of angry energy, with this person, in miniature form, standing behind it. This was obviously all in my mind's eye.


I was able to dissipate it only because I was so aware that it was there. Otherwise, the tell-tale symptoms of psychic attack - feeling anxious and unsettled - would have continued.


But even though I was a newbie energy-enthusiast, my interest in the "Transformational Tools" weekend started to wane when the publicity material, went on to mention ... dowsing ... and then, “You will also be introduced to the work of the Spirit Doctors, a stellar team of Light beings who assist us with healing on all levels of our being."


No offence meant but ...


a) I wasn’t particularly interested in dowsing. My dowsing experiences had been teenage attempts to find out if boys were into me. Or find lost keys. Or more significantly, when my mother successfully dowsed to locate my two brothers, who were lost in a forest. Nevertheless, I thought of dowsing as a "yes or no" device and little more. It all seemed a bit, um, lacking in substance.


b) Nor did I feel the need for any stellar-galactic-cosmic-ray healing. That’s not because I considered myself the Second Coming. The opposite indeed. Having just spent two months alone in a cabin in Canada, leaving with a degree of albeit fragile, never-before-experienced mental equilibrium, I didn't want to mess with it.


and, c) Surely something with a name like "Spirit Doctors" was just marketing spin? With my ad agency background, I knew all about that carry-on and I wasn't going to fall for it, was I?


But in my new role with an organisation that needs to stay on top of healing, psychic and medium events, courses and speakers (The College of Psychic Studies in London), it became obvious that this Spirit Doctor lark was big news.


People were talking about it at the College. Places were filling up fast. Susan and Sven were rarely in London, let alone the country. This might be my only chance. Curiosity .... and hands up, FOMO ... led me to open my wallet and pay for a slot.


I could wax on about the weekend blow-by-blow. Where it was held. A sunlit folk dancing hall in North London. The agenda which was jam-packed but never tiring. The other guests. Friendly, chatty and uniquely ego-free. And ... there were mega chocolate cookies at break times. Turns out being healed makes you hungry and the caterers knew that.


But what I really want to get on to were the outcomes.


Two giant ones.


Neither of which I'd been looking for, leave alone anticipating.


Firstly, all my physical pain went.


I’d been in a lot of physical pain for 7 months or so. It wasn’t anything specific, just aches and electrical pulses all over my body, from the pelvis to neck. The worst was in the morning, as I lay in bed before the alarm blew.


A grounding sheet, something I’d bought only a fortnight prior to the event, had significantly improved things. The pain didn’t start so early in the morning and it wasn’t quite as strong. But it was still there.


I had suspicions that a past life was at play as I'd woken every morning at 4.30am for months. The person who taught me all about past lives, Mitzi, often said that a regular and unusual waking time could signal the time of death in a previous life. I had a sneaking suspicion it was something to do with a person in Canada who might have had me burned at the stake. But I couldn’t prove the past life theory. All I knew was that I was in pain when I dragged myself out of bed in the morning.


On Day One, the Spirit Doctor session began with Susan coming round to each of us to do something involving energy at our Crown and Heart chakras. One by one we fell on to our yoga mats. It wasn't a collapse so much as Sven and their assistant, Daniel, guiding us from standing to lying down. Once horizontal, someone pulled a blanket up over each of us and, out of it, the Spirit Doctors got to work.


I lay there waiting for visions of Spirit Doctors or some other ethereal experience or maybe a light tinkling of harps. Instead, I got physical pain. Lots of agonising pain. It started off manageable enough but it got worse and worse until nauseous with pain, I had to get up from my mat, return to the chair, and try to breathe it out.


I asked about it during the Q&A session but I think we all knew it was some kind of clearing. I felt like death for the rest of the day, night and into the following morning.


Day Two’s Spirit Doctor session. Back on the mat under the blanket again, I was vaguely aware of a group of what ... beings? Swirly outlines leaned over me. They were matter-of-fact, going about their business. A few were close up to me but I was aware of others behind them.


This time I didn't experience pain. I felt as though the Spirit Doctors were removing wounds from my emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual bodies. Wounds from this lifetime and from many previous lifetimes. I had no pre-conception that this was going to happen. Nor did I speak to Susan or Sven about it. I just felt it.


It was slow-going because every inch of scar tissue had to be softened up before being removed. The beings talked to each other as this was going on – sometimes about the procedure and sometimes just chit-chat - as they waited for the wounds to be soft enough to gently peel off my body.


The experience brought to mind dog rescue films. A pitiful, broken dog with a scabby body, shaking on wobbly, hunched legs, head bowed, now on a vet's table. The dog had clearly put up a fight to fend for itself and was exhausted. Cuts, scabs and sores all over. Old ones and new ones. There were even marks where it had been kicked and burned. Vets cleaned the wounds and sores, gently and slowly taking it down to the raw, pink, shivering skin, which they could then ease with ointments and bandages.


Caught up with the sense of beings working on me, I lost track of time. Maybe an hour in, Susan softly ting-tinggg-tinggggged the Tibetan bells. Slowly we came round and returned to our seats.


Astonishingly, back in the seat, I realised that every shred of my pain had gone. Not a jiffy. There wasn't a twinge anywhere. This was the first time I'd been pain-free for months. It wasn't even low-level pain. There was no pain.


And hear me now, it's now nearly a month later and the pain hasn't returned. Not even a quiet little niggle of it. It's gone. It was healed by the Spirit Doctors.


A second major outcome of the weekend was that I had my eyes opened to how dowsing is way more than a 'yes or no' but an essential tool to help manage energy.


Perhaps if I hadn’t had emerging respect and awe for the way energy works, dowsing would continue to be just a swing-ding for finding lost keys and new boyfriends. Perhaps my mind was open to the concept of dowsing and how a pendulum can be used to both clear away negative energy and attract beneficial energy. Who knows. What matters is I was taken by the whole thing.


I'm a newbie to it, but all I can say now is that the tug of the pendulum on the string feels like living energy with its own intelligence. It could be my imagination but a few minutes into the pendulum turning, there seems to be a tiny, imperceptible click when it takes on its own brain, being and intention. At that moment, I become a bystander watching it doing its thing.


I'm still at the 'getting used to it' stage, practising with daily clearing and balancing exercises, working my way through Susan and Sven’s Daily Eight. When I pluck up a bit more courage I'll start working on personal and environment issues. I'm rather looking forward to it although I am a bit nervous in case I discover something unpleasant lurking in, for example, my flat. Still, it's all a learning curve.


One thing all of the above shows is that maybe just a fear of missing out will lead you to what you need. In just two days I went from sceptic to fan. From doubter to dowser. And from pain to no pain. Thank you to Susan, Sven and The Spirit Doctors.